About Millstone

The Millstone Tradition reflects the history of Lake of the Ozarks and of the Ozark region.

In the summer of 1931, as the waters of the Osage River began to back up behind the newly completed Bagnell Dam, Robert and Catherine Elliot of Kansas City built what would become known as Millstone Lodge. They had purchased the land with its commanding view of Lake of the Ozarks from the Pistol Club, an organization of Kansas City businessmen.

Originally known as Elliot Lodge, the lake home featured a stone fireplace that incorporated three millstones brought in from the surrounding hills by Catherine, known to the early lakers as 'Bagnell Kate.' The millstones reflect the early history of the Ozarks when clear running streams were used as a power source to grind corn. The Elliots were among the first to enjoy the pleasures of Lake of the Ozarks at their family fishing camp. Robert and Catherine's son, Joe, remembers that as the lake slowly filled the family would "put a stick in the water to see how far the lake had come up."

How far the lake has come is there for everyone to see these days.

Shortly after World War II, the Elliots sold the lodge to the Laner Family. Mr. Laner was killed in an auto accident not long afterwards and the lodge sold again, becoming a commercial venture. In 1989, Dick Walls, owner of Boone Tavern in Columbia, purchased Millstone and refurbished the facilities and grounds. Under Mr. Walls' ownership, Millstone was Lake of the Ozarks best known resort and marina. The latest transformation of Millstone to luxury condominiums by Developer Bob Schrader offers the very best in lake recreation, proximity to amenities and, of course, the fabulous view that led Bagnell Kate and husband Robert to build their dream home on this spectacular property. From fishing camp to resort and now, luxury condominiums, the tradition of Millstone carries on at Lake of the Ozarks. Now it is time for you to enjoy the past and look forward to the future at the lake's premier condominium development.

Where it is easy to drive, and great to live. Come to the quiet side of the lake. 

There's something for everyone at the Lake of the Ozarks!

Right here at the Millstone Condos you can enjoy skiing, fishing, swimming, boating, Lakeside dining and some of the best nightlife entertainment at the Lake.